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Notice of Motion January 15, 2015



Notice of Motion


Notice of Motion is hereby given that on February 3, 2015 at a special membership meeting of Local 1933 members of Local 1933 will vote on the following merger resolution:



Merger Resolution


Whereas the government of Nova Scotia has legislated restructuring in the Acute Care Sector; and



Whereas the Dorsey Arbitration has determined that CUPE will represent members in one provincial bargaining unit;





That CUPE Locals 835, 1933, 2431, 2525 and 4150 or any combination thereof agree to merge into one newly chartered CUPE Local;



Until such time that a charter is issued and bylaws approved the Executive Boards of the former locals will continue to govern their respective memberships and operate under their current bylaws as if they still existed;



Upon approval of bylaws the newly chartered local union will move into nominations, elections and installation;



The first term of office shall be for three years commencing no later than March 31, 2015.


GIVEN at the Special Membership Meeting of Local 1933 on January 15, 2015



Signed by PresidentPresiding Officer:    Dianne Frittenburg


Signed by Recording Secretary:   Dorothy Peach